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Mineral Violet Pigment

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Mineral Violet Pigment

This is a dry powder pigment measured at 1/3 Tablespoon (approx 1.31 grams) and mailed in a sealed plastic snap top container.

When mixed with water and equal parts gum arabic, it yield about 0.50oz of paint. Different recipies may have different results.



Acute toxicity if inhaled, mild toxicity if swallowed.

Safety designation: P270 Do not eat, drink or smoke when using this product. P301+P310 If swallowed: Immediately call a poison centre or physician. P264 Wash thoroughly after handling.

Handling: Do not eat, drink or smoke in areas where the material is used. Wash thoroughly after handling.
Storage: A moderately dry, well ventilated area is considered suitable for handling and storage.

Respiratory protection: Use mask during work in unventilated and dusty spaces.
Skin protection: Wear suitable protective gloves and clothing.
Eye protection: Use safety glasses

This is a dry powder pigment.

We import from the UK and repackage into smaller quantities which are better suited for most artists. You will receive a 1/3 tablespoon sized portion of this pigment, in a small plastic snap top container. We measure by volume instead of weight due to the density variations between pigment types.

Dry pigment must be mixed with a binding agent to create paint. The most common binding agent used is gum arabic, which creates a watercolor style of paint. There are also other options, such as combining the pigment with with clarified egg white to make egg tempera or adding acrylic medium to make acrylic paint.


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