Welcome to the Guild

About us

The Guild of Limners was founded sometime around 1977 by Linda Anfuso (Mistress Megan, OL East) and it became a cornerstone in the SCA scribal and illumination community. The Guild has taken pride in providing high quality materials to artisans of all skill levels. Each item that we carry has been tried, tested and approved by both our customers and most often, ourselves.

In 2015, The Guild of Limners changed ownership and is now run by Jeanie Davan (Dame Gwenhweyvar verch Owen ap Morgan, OL Northshield). We are working on modernizing, with a new web presence, custom handmade tools, and unique gifts for the modern-day scribe.

About Jeanie Davan:
As a part-time creator and a full-time seamstress, I have tried to make things as flawless as possible. I graduated from UW-Madison with a B.A. in Costume Technology and have been sewing solo for many years.  I have been in the scribal arts for close to 20 years and have found it to be my other true passion. The Guild of Limbers secondary job that I do out of love for these arts. I focus on this in the odd hours around my full time job as the owner of Alt.Kilt.  As such, my schedule for working on things varies and is interupted by local SCA events, fighter practices twice a week, and many other life events. Also - Paypal receipts will  say Alt.Kilt on them instead of Limner's Guild due to only having one business account.