Welcome to the Guild

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Toxicity? How toxic are these pigments?

A: Many of the pigments have some level of toxicity - though most of them are for quantities much larger than we use. We do include this information in the full description of each pigment and it is always wise to use gloves. Please contact us if you need more detailed information. From our supplier: Toxicity Ratings: The Classifications used are based on those intended for guidance of artists’ colour manufacturers where large quantities might be involved. The risk for an artist using small amounts of colour is therefore comparatively small. Dust masks, however, should be worn.


Q: Return Policy

A: All items are checked over before shipping. If something is missing from your order or not correct, please let us know ASAP and we will get the adjustment to you right away. If you need to return an item - it needs to be unopened and unused. You are responsible for return shipping. All pigments, resins, gums and powdered will be remeasured before a refund will be processed. Returns must be made within 30 days of the original order.


Q: Shipping:

A: All orders are shipped out via USPS Priority Mail - for both USA and International. I typically only ship out once a week - on Saturdays but if you need something quicker, please add a note to your order and I will see what I can do. Most of the items in the store are small and can fit in a small flat rate box which is a fixed rate of $5.75. Large size parchment and paper (over 8" x 10") will be shipped in a tube and will incure additional $2 shipping charge. Some larger items - such as The Everything Box ship at $10.50 (which there is plently of room to add in more!). We know that shipping isn't always the easiest thing but please contact us with questions or problems and we will see what we can do for you. SCA mail is also an option.


Q: I just send you an email via your Contact Us form and haven't gotten a reply yet. When will I hear back from you?

A: We make every attempt to respond to emails within one business day of having received them. We spend most of our time in our studio constructing kilts for my full time job. Our workspace does not have WIFI so all of our computer time happens at odd hours. If you haven't heard back from us in a timely manner, please resend your request and we will get right on it. Sometimes email does get misplaced and we apologize for that but we always want to talk to our clients so please send us feedback, comments and questions. If applicable, please include your order number in your email. Also, please check your spam folder. Sometimes email responses from us will go directly there. To avoid this from happening, add us to your contacts list.


Q: Is this your full time gig?

A: The Guild of Limners is my secondary job. I will be running this Guild part time while still working full time as the owner and designer of Alt.Kilt. Therefore, my schedule varies a lot, and will be interrupted by local SCA events and other responsibilities. Also, your PayPal receipts will say Alt.Kilt rather than the Limner's Guild, because I currently only have one business account.