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Pigment Master Box

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Pigment Master Box

A master collection of almost every pigment we carry - plus gum arabic (26 grams) to mix them up.
A few of the pigments are rare and therefore more expensive. In order to include them, we are using 1/2 portion measurements in this collection. The approximate weight of all the pigments has been included.
1/3 tablespoon measure of the following pigments:
Cadmium - 2.15g
Minium - 7.45g
Vermilion - 3.10g
Vermilion Genuine (1/2 portion) - 4g
Madder Lake - 1.25g
Orpiment (1/2 portion) - 1.75g
Indian Yellow - 0.86g
Gamboge - 2.0g
Yellow Ochre - 1.6g
Raw Sienna - 2.0g
Malachite (1/2 portion) - 1.5g
Terra Verta - 2.25g
Viridian - 1.5g
Verdigris (1/2 portion) - 2g
Lapis Lazuli genuine (1/2 portion) - 1.5g
Cerulean - 3.5g
Ultramarine - 1.75g
Dark Ultramarine - 2.0g
Pthalo Blue - 1.70g
Mineral Violet - 1.30g
Red Ochre - 2.45g
Burnt Sienna - 2.70g
Vine Black - 2.0g
Carbon Black - 0.75g
Titanium White - 3.0g
Lead White - 3.30g



All of our standard pigments (excluding cinnabar) and enough gum arabic to mix them all into paint.

You will receive a measured portion (as listed above) of each pigment and 5 tablespoons of gum arabic. These are in small interlocking and labeled screw top containers and they all fit in a carry case together. Use this for teaching, showcasing and for your own use.

We import from the UK and repackage into smaller quantities which are better suited for most artists. We go by measurement instead of weight due to the weight differences between pigment types.

Dry pigment must be mixed with a binding agent to create paint. Most of our customers will be mixing with gum arabic to create a watercolor type paint. There are a multitude of other options: Mix with clarified egg white to make egg tempera or mix with acrylic medium to make acrylic paint to name a couple.


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