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Durrow pigment set

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Durrow pigment set

Pigments used in the Book of Durrow - (about 600AD).
This set includes minium, indian yellow, viridian and carbon black plus enough gum arabic to mix up all these colors.

Historically, the yellow pigment would have been orpiment but for a starting kit, the cost is prohibitive. We find that the indian yellow is close enough in color.



Each pigment is measured to 1 teaspoon, except for malachite which is measured at 1/2 teaspoon. In order to keep things as uniform as possible, we also weigh these measures against a standard. The weight of each pigments varies dramatically but this volume is enough to make a good amount of paint - approximately 5ml.

Weight of each pigment measure:
Minium - 7.45g
Indian Yellow - 0.86g
Viridian - 1.75g
Carbon black - 0.75g
Gum arabic - 11g

This is a dry pigment set and includes gum arabic as a binder.
You will need some container or shell to store the mixed paint.

Some of the pigments are toxic so please read the warnings on each individual item if you are unfamiliar with the pigment.


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