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  1. Bar & Ivy pigment set

    Pigments used in the Bar and Ivy style - French, English and Dutch approx 14th century.

    This set includes ultramarine, cadmium, yellow ochre, malachite, titanium white and carbon black plus enough gum arabic to mix up all these colors.

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  2. Durrow pigment set

    Pigments used in the Book of Durrow - (about 600AD).
    This set includes minium, indian yellow, viridian and carbon black plus enough gum arabic to mix up all these colors.

    Historically, the yellow pigment would have been orpiment but for a starting kit, the cost is prohibitive. We find that the indian yellow is close enough in color.

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  3. Educational Resource Box

    A master collection of almost every pigment we carry. You will receive a 1 gram portion of each pigment. These are in individual labeled screw top containers. The purpose of this kit is for use by teachers and demonstrators to show the range of colors, densities and grinds of different pigments. We also offer this kit at a discounted price for SCA groups to use as a teaching tool.

    While it is possible to make paint with these pigments - 1 gram can be a difficult size to mix depending on the pigments. The original intention was as a showcase or teaching display but actual use is up to you!

    1 gram portion of:
    Cadmium, Minium, Vermilion, Vermilion genuine, Cinnabar, Red ochre,
    Rose madder, Madder lake, Orpiment, Indian Yellow, Gamboge, Yellow ochre,
    Malachite genuine, Malachite synthetic, Terra verta, Viridian, Verdigris, Mineral violet
    Lapis Lazuli genuine, Lazurite, Cerulean, Ultramarine, Dark Ultramarine, Pthalo blue
    Raw sienna, Burnt sienna, Carbon black, Lamp black, Titanium white, Lead white.

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  4. Pigment Master Box

    A master collection of almost every pigment we carry - plus gum arabic (26 grams) to mix them up.
    A few of the pigments are rare and therefore more expensive. In order to include them, we are using 1/2 portion measurements in this collection. The approximate weight of all the pigments has been included.
    1/3 tablespoon measure of the following pigments:
    Cadmium - 2.15g
    Minium - 7.45g
    Vermilion - 3.10g
    Vermilion Genuine (1/2 portion) - 4g
    Madder Lake - 1.25g
    Orpiment (1/2 portion) - 1.75g
    Indian Yellow - 0.86g
    Gamboge - 2.0g
    Yellow Ochre - 1.6g
    Raw Sienna - 2.0g
    Malachite (1/2 portion) - 1.5g
    Terra Verta - 2.25g
    Viridian - 1.5g
    Verdigris (1/2 portion) - 2g
    Lapis Lazuli genuine (1/2 portion) - 1.5g
    Cerulean - 3.5g
    Ultramarine - 1.75g
    Dark Ultramarine - 2.0g
    Pthalo Blue - 1.70g
    Mineral Violet - 1.30g
    Red Ochre - 2.45g
    Burnt Sienna - 2.70g
    Vine Black - 2.0g
    Carbon Black - 0.75g
    Titanium White - 3.0g
    Lead White - 3.30g

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  5. Pigments into Paint PDF
    This PDF contains simple instructions to make paint - watercolor or gouache - out of pigments and gum arabic. There are two different methods shown with instructions and color images. While there are more complicated and specialized recipes out there - we are starting with the basics with this PDF. Learn More
  6. Starter Calligraphy Kit

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    To: $35.00

    Everything you need to get started in dip pen calligraphy.

    These tools are our favorites for beginners - they are easy to use and care for and therefore will last a long time. The set has two nibs (size c-3 and c-4), a standard nib holder, iron gall ink and an ames lettering guide. The Medieval Calligraphy book is an additional add on for the set - there are lots of digital examples out there to look at. We do recommend getting the book because the other information contained within is useful and Drogin is one of the best beginner instruction books out there.

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  7. The Everything Box

    A selection of pigments, powders, gums, and resins we carry - it really is the Everything Box! Makes a great gift to your favorite artist or to yourself!
    1/3 tablespoon measure of the following pigments:
    Dark Ultramarine
    Thalo Blue
    Raw Sienna
    Burnt Sienna
    Yellow Ochre
    Indian Yellow
    Red Ochre
    Carbon Black
    Rose Madder
    Terra Verta
    White Lead
    2 Tablespoons of Gum Arabic (powdered)
    1/3 Tablespoon measure of these gums, resins and powders:

    Pumice powder
    Rabbit skin glue
    Gum sandarac powder
    Gum sandarac tears
    Gum tragacanth
    Gum ammoniac
    Precipitated chalk

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